Happy 56th Wedding Anniversary!


Welcome to the family website of Leslie G. & Diana F. Williams! Created on 27 April 2002 this site was created so that the children, grandchildren, and friends of the family could stay in touch with each other. We welcome you , and hope you enjoy your visit.

Malware & Website Update.

I had no intention of updating the web design of Mobadger anytime soon, but recently Google indicated we had Malware and was advising internet users not to visit our site. I found the malware; it was a reference or link to another page. The page itself had no malware.

28 August 2014

I apolgize for the delay in completing the set up of the web site. I realize some links are not correct or working. I will try to finish the work within the next two weeks.  The logo will be replaced with a beter image, the wishist will be setup. I have yet determined if the older list will be used, or a new list will be installed.

Thanks for your patience.